Hopital Robert Schuman in Metz - France

Set in a promontory in the heart of a landscape overlooking the city of Metz, the architectural concept of the hospital building is based on a book-like structure, thus ensuring that rooms do not directly face one another and offering patients a range of exterior views. Barrisol got involved in this major project by providing three innovative technical solutions:

Barrisol Acoustics: Comfort Initially, to ensure greater comfort and the best possible quality of life, the inner hospital areas were equipped with a vertical and horizontal acoustic treatment (these are all the white parts in the photos). This installation allows considerably reduced noise levels within hospital circulation areas. (A40 Miniperf extramat)

Barrisol lumière Color: Aesthetics and well-being The second solution offered by Barrisol involves construction of a Barrisol lighting wall, with the main arch changing colour (multi-cultural). This solution allows you to offer a felted light intensity conducive to this place of worship. (Mercure 04015)

Print solution: functional and aesthetic The last part concerns the production of printed light boxes. A large number of corridors have been fitted with printed light boxes. In collaboration with an artist photographer, these decorative boxes not only bring light and lit atmosphere to these corridors, but also add a colourful and aesthetically pleasing nuance to such areas. (Mercure 04015 + printing, format 180x120 or 480x120)

Surface area: sqft 49600 500m2 
Material: Open light boxes

Architect : Ingénieurs Associés (AIA)

Thematics list :


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Hopital Robert Schuman in Metz

Places of worship

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