Barrisol Ecolia® - Details

Wool and wood, for the best in natural acoustics



Ecolia®, natural acoustic performance

Image Ecolia 01

Ecolia® wool is a natural sound absorber to promote a healthy climate and wellbeing in your spaces.


Ecolia®, frames with multiple combinations

Image Ecolia
Image Cadre 1

Suspended by cables

Image Cadre 2

Screwed to the ceiling

Image Cadre 3

Fastened to the wall

Image Cadre 4

Suspended by cables

Image Cadre 5

Suspended between ceiling and floor

Image Cadre 6

Fixed to the ceiling

One-sided frame

Image Cadre 1 Face

Finish 1 side 100% wool and field 100% wood.

To suspend, screw on or clip on: the frames are suitable for walls as well as ceilings, Ecolia® acoustic frames are available in 15 standard rectangular sizes. They can also be made to measure on request.

Two-sided frame

Image Cadre 2 Faces

Finished on both sides 100% wool and flat field 100% wood.

To suspend: the frames are suitable for walls as well as ceilings, Ecolia® frames are available in 15 standard rectangular sizes. They can also be made to measure on request.

Image Taille des Cadres

Frames can be made to measure up to XX in length


The choice of materials: pure wood before fire treatment M1

Rotproof wood

The frame is made of 100% rot-proof wood and is 100% recyclable. The properties of these woods allow them to resist humidity, fungus and insects, without the need for any treatment. 

Softwoods are the most commonly used, such as European Larch (the hardest wood) and red Cedar (colourfast). There are also other species: Robinia (or false acacia, non-slip and insensitive to radiation), Oak and Chestnut (resistant species) and finally some exotic woods such as Ipé, Merbau or Cumaru with brown, red or orange tones (dense and resistant).

These woods are PEFC/FSC certified: they all come from sustainably managed forests and are exploited with respect for local workers. Class 3 wood can be in contact with moisture.


Benefits & applications

  • Quality, resistance, aesthetics
  • Longevity, protection against rot, decay and insects
  • Hypoallergenic
  • PEFC/FSC-certified sustainable frame wood. Small carbon footprint
  • Fire treated
  • Natural acoustic comfort
  • Thermal insulation
  • Zero waste, 100% recyclable
  • HQE-LEED-BREEAM® : Ecolia® can contribute to your eco-friendly projects 
  • Clean and impeccable finish
  • Fast installation
  • Long Lifespan
  • Network of qualified installers worldwide
  • Refurbishing and new constructions
  • Individual homes and appartments
  • Commercial premises, shopping centres
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public places, meeting rooms, sport halls

Quality wool

The sheet is made of 100% natural wool. It is made with a sustainable approach: preserving the environment, taking care of the good treatment of animals, respecting the breeders...

Ecolia® wool is a pure new wool produced in our French countryside, from sheep’s fleece. From the shearing of the animals to spinning, washing and dyeing, Ecolia® wool has not undergone any chemical treatment. Fire resistant treatment.

It is resistant and timeless while providing softness, which makes it a much appreciated material in the world of decoration.

Thanks to the natural sheep’s wool, a wide range of colours are also available, from very light to dark to black, can be used in a variety of ways available on request. 

Ecolia® - A healthy and natural decoration


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