Barrisol® Brick Effect® - Details


Barrisol strech ceiling : ref. BEK02
Barrisol strech ceiling : ref. BEK01


Barrisol® products allow optimum acoustic correction in large spaces and in private dwellings. In combination with acoustic absorbent material, the micro perforations of the membrane are extremely efficient when it comes to absorbing sound. Barrisol® and Artolis® are particularly suited to public spaces, and are THE solution for greater comfort and wellbeing.


Special printed fabric (acoustic testing carried out after printing)

    NANOPERF® without insulation


    NANOPERF® with insulation

special printed fabric (acoustic testing carried out after printing)



Making a brick wall luminous seems quite inconceivable without Barrisol® and Artolis® translucent technology. When installed along with a lighting system using LEDs or fluorescent tubes, your walls will light up the room and create a warm and contemporary atmosphere.

Mur Artolis® lumineux (éteint) motif bois imprimé réf. BEW01
Artolis® mural : ref. BEK03 (lights on)

Artolis® mural : ref. BEK03 (lights off)
Artolis® mural : ref. BEK03 (lights off)



To protect your health and wellbeing, Barrisol® products come with a high environmental quality guarantee. Free from phthalates, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, suited to private homes and public spaces, Barrisol® and Artolis® product ranges meet all safety requirements and are validated by applicable European and international standards.

The membranes are printed in our workshops with high-quality inks to guarantee your safety and comfort.


All of our prints are guaranteed   

Fire classification B-s1, d0 (Europe) for light printing.


Artolis® mural : ref. BEK08
Artolis® mural : ref. BEK08


Printed in millions of colours at the digital printing workshop of Normalu-Barrisol®, the only limit on your Artolis® walls and Barrisol® ceilings is that of your imagination. Use the illustrations of our collection to select the finish you like or send us a high-definition image that we will print for you on an exclusive basis.


ref. BEK01

ref. BEK02

ref. BEK03

ref. BEK04

ref. BEK05

ref. BEK06

ref. BEK07

ref. BEK08

ref. BEK09

ref. BEK10

ref. BEK11


To install your stretch ceiling : we help in the search for a stretch ceiling approved Barrisol installer nearest you. Barrisol approved installers have received specialized training at Barrisol, pledge of excellence and quality of work.

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