Barrisol Trempoacoustic® - Details



Barrisol Trempoacoustic® has been especially created to solve the matter of acoustical absorption. Its special patented frame optimizes the acoustical comfort in crowded public places.


Technical characteristics


Characteristics Value Norm
Use Interior/Exterior  
Acoustical absorption coefficient αw 0,35 to 0,8  
Fire classification M1 (F) NFP 92 503
Making up Glass Coated Fabric  
weight per sqm 410 g 12.1 oz/yd2 ±5% ISO 2286 - 2
Thickness 0,70 mm 27 mil ±5% ISO 2286 - 3
Breaking resistance warp >150 daN/5cm >200 lbs/in 
woof >150 daN/5cm >200 lbs/in
ISO 1421
Rip resistance warp and woof 6=>10 daN Internal procedure
Folding resistance warp and woof ≥20 daN/5cm Internal procedure
Light Colours solidity 7/8
Scale of 8 white colour non listed
ISO 105 B02
width 250 cm 98.4”  
Making welding (thermic, high frequency, ultrasonic sons) or sewing  
Marking Numerical printing / Serigraphy
Transfer / Painting
width of the sheet < 250 cm >  
These elements are given for information only and don’t have any contractual value.


Sound absorption


Barrisol Trempoacoustic® sheet with insulation
Barrisol Trempoacoustic® sheet without insulation



Barrisol Trempoacoustic® will find its application in the airports, the train stations, the meeting rooms, the halls sports, etc.


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