Barrisol® Light Lines® - Details

Illuminate with a new light source.



  • Reduced power consumption
  • Very low voltage electrical system
  • The lifetime of the LEDs is increased thanks to the structureLight Lines®
  • Significant choice of technical solutions
  • Extended colour palette
  • Small footprint
  • Adaptable to all shapes
  • Allows to illuminate a room in a homogeneous way according to the spacing between each line of light (Study on request)
  • You can determine the number of lux to have in the room (Study on request)


Customizable at will

With Light Lines® lighting system, you can choose the look you want, depending on your decorative desires and your lighting needs.


The Light Lines® system adapts to a variety of situations and to the entire Barrisol® range, a palette of more than 300 colours and finishes: Les Reflets Laqués®, Les Reflets Satinés®, Les Recyclés®, Les Mats Tradition®, Les Daims Ambiance®, Les Effets Matière®, Les Collections Matière®, Creadesign®, Barrisol Biosourcée®, Les Acoustics®, Les Xtrem®, Les Métal®, Les Translucides®, Les Effets Lumière®, Print your Mind®, Barrisol Mirror®, Les Perforés®.



Profiles adapted to each projet

Ref. : BS 350/13

Aluminium track for perimeter LED lighting


Réf. : BMS 355/14

Aluminium track for perimeter LED lighting


Réf. : BMS 365/40

LED separator for circle and 3D shape


Réf. : BMS 365/50

LED wall and ceiling separator


  • The Barrisol® LED profile system enables the invisible and innovative integration of lighting
  • It can be straight or rounded, thanks to the patented Barrisol® system
  • It does not require diffusing elements and thus gives optimum lighting and saves energy
  • The aperture of only 20 mm contributes to the unique aesthetic effect
  • No visible seal
  • Suitable for all acoustic and / or luminous ceilings
  • Dimmable lighting
  • No additional diffuser necessary (possible on request)
  • Energy saving
  • Durability
  • Easily change LEDs
  • Universal system (any type of LED, RGB or warm / cold white)
  • Removes separators
  • Allows rounded shapes and 3D shapes



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