G20 summit in BARRISOL®

On November 30th and December 1st, 2018, the G20 Summit was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The entrance area was embellished with 200 m2 of Barrisol® White Extramatt sheets ref. 01050. The G20 leaders met in an immense plenary hall, beneath a Barrisol® White Extramatt ceiling, ref. 01050, with P60 perforation (to enable the flow of air-conditioned air in the different spaces used for the event). To clad the walls, Barrisol® White Extramatt sheets, ref. 01050, and Light Gray, ref. 01016, were used, with the G20 logo printed on them. In total, 2026 m2 of sheets was installed, walls and ceilings combined, at the Costa Salguero Exhibition Centre. Excellent work by Studio Wagg.


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