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CE certification

Barrisol is certified CE. The CE marking, “Conformité Européenne”, indicates conformity with the essential health and safety requirements of various, applicable European directives. Barrisol is the first stretch ceiling certified CE. This certification currently applies to only the translucent, satin, lacquer, matt and metallic lines of sheeting. Other sheeting types will be certified soon. This designation indicates that Barrisol conforms to European regulations for building materials.

MiniStar track – patented system

The Ministar track is now available. Besides an aesthetic aspect (hollow joint of only 5 mm), this patented profile better maintains the harpoon in case of reduced tension (wall, 3D, etc.).

Innovation ! Ball lamp - registered design

Exposed in exclusivity for the first time on Batimat show, the suspended lamp with a ball form was registered as a model for its innovative design. The lamp is composed of an aluminum spherical structure which has a peripheral separator Barrisol® Star® that allows engaging the Barrisol® sheet.The color of the sheet can be selected among the numerous colors and finishes of the Barrisol® color lines.

New product! Barrisol Perfodesign®

Barrisol® PerfoDesign® offers an innovative and original finish. With Barrisol® PerfoDesign® sheet, it is possible to perforate patterns or logos of your choice for a personalized result. The perforated patterns can be applied on all Barrisol® lines of sheeting. Associated to lighting systems (leds, fluorescents, etc.), the perforated patterns are emphasized thanks to the variations of colors and the changes of luminous intensity. See more.

New track: tri-directional tube

This new tri-directional tube is composed of 3 notches for direction changes. It can be used as separator with a rounded finish, as separator for side change or for modular frames. The tri-directional tube is available under the reference BS 365/30. The rounded shape of this tube offers new possibilities of creation. Discover the other profiles and rails systems.

New Product: Barrisol Creadesign®

Discover our latest innovation, Barrisol Creadesign®, an original and surprising finish for your ceiling. The “flockage process” permits to apply relief pattern (standard or personalized) on Barrisol sheet. Discover the Creadesign® product.

New line of products: The Recycled

When the ecological awareness is the strongest, BARRISOL NORMALU SAS strengthens its environmental choice with the new line The Recycled.

Even more choices in the Barrisol colors!

9 new trendy colors come to complete the Barrisol colors card to widen even more your possibilities of design. Discover the new Prune Violette, Green Kourou or White Extra matt! Download the colors card.


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